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Welcome to Jacqueline Kilpatrick Couture

>  Welcome to Jacqueline Kilpatrick Couture

Quality Bespoke Clothing and Dressmaker based in Middlesex

Jackie Kilpatrick

Mother of the Bride Bespoke Dressmaker!


Thank you for your interest. I am no longer working in couture in Teddington after a move to Cornwall to concentrate mostly on my fine art career.  IG @jacquelinekilpatrickpz. I may in the near future be offering residential couture holidays here in Penzance once our house renovations are complete. Please drop me an email if you’d like to be put on a mailing list for this. Alternatively, if you are looking for a good dressmaker in the West London area, my best advice would be to ask at a high end fabric shop for recommendations. My one of choice was Joel and Son, although obviously it helps if you were to be buying your fabric from there too.


All the best,


Jacqueline Kilpatrick Couture

Clothes shopping really should be more enjoyable than it is! We all dream, don't we, of walking into shops and finding outfits that fit and flatter us, that somehow portray us to the world in the way we would wish, which represent to the outside something of who we feel ourselves to be on the inside. Yet for most of us, most of the time, the whole process is very far from fun. Some of the clothes may indeed have great 'hanger appeal'- but once tried on they show it to be indeed just that. Two-dimensional, flat and not in any way fitting our shapes, and moreover designed to a fairly rigid interpretation of what is 'in fashion', these clothes disappoint us, and make us feel less confident and attractive, rather than more.


It doesn't have to be this way. As a couture dressmaker of thirty years standing I know just how satisfying and exciting it can be to have your clothes made especially for you. During this time I have helped many, many women develop their own personal look, exploring styles and colours, enjoying the most beautiful fabrics and helping them to make them feel like their own. I make every type of clothing, from working womens' wardrobes to mother-of-the-bride, from cotton summer dresses to cashmere winter coats, from intricate dresses using the finest silks and laces to everyday trousers to be thrown in the washing machine. Every item, from the grandest to the humblest, is treated with the same level of professionalism. My enjoyment comes from making real clothes for real women to wear in the real world.


On this website I will tell you more about how I work, about myself and my career and then I will share with you some of my clients' experiences of the process, which I hope will encourage you not to see it as too intimidating. Many of them would be happy to chat to you should you need a more personal reassurance. At the end are my contact details, which I hope you will want to use to get in touch, to explore the idea of having a bit of bespoke couture in your own life.

Jacqueline Kilpatrick Couture  -  Quality, bespoke dress maker based in Middlesex  -  Mother of The Bride  -  Working Wardrobe  -  Summer Dresses  -  Winter Coats

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