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How It Works

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My years of experience ensure that this complex and demanding process runs as smoothly as possible. I firmly believe that a large part of the luxury is the enjoyment of the whole experience, and that most of the disasters one has heard about with dressmakers happen when the proper ways of doing things are short-cut.


After an initial chat on the phone we would have a first no-obligation meeting to try to find out as much as possible about  your ideas. Some initial designs will be sketched out, fabric samples looked at and budgets discussed. I charge for my time, by the hour, plus fabrics.


Next step is choosing fabrics, either from the extensive range of samples in the studio or during a shopping trip together to the very best fabric shop in London, Joel and Son. This latter is often a real highlight for many women, with so many exciting possibilities opening up before them. The staff at Joels have known me for many years, and they take as much time and trouble as is necessary to make sure that we make this important decision correctly. Many fabrics are draped and possibilities imagined, and sometimes the final choice is surprising. I can be of as much help as you need at this time.

Thereafter the proper work begins; the initial patterns are cut and the toiles, or calico mock ups, are made up. This is the unique part of the process, where all the fitting problems are ironed out and your personal blueprint emerges....and you start to understand why nothing in the shops fits properly!  For new clients we usually start with a 'block', your own  personal shape in pattern form, from which I can subsequently cut patterns with your own personal shape 'built in'. Then on to one of the garment itself, again ironing out so many of the problems with fit. Work done at this stage reaps many benefits later on, reducing the number and seriousness of alterations necessary in the actual fabric and giving us both control over the whole process.


Once working on the fabric itself you can expect probably another couple of fittings as the garment evolves. Beautiful linings make sure it feels as good as it looks. And all the little details which make it uniquely yours - buttons, pockets, trims etc - are gradually added.


The whole process should usually take a couple of months, but can sometimes be less than this if necessary. Most of my clients are regulars,  and so often have several garments or outfits being made at once, which will all be at different stages.

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Jacqueline Kilpatrick Couture

Jacqueline Kilpatrick Couture  -  Quality, bespoke dress maker based in Middlesex  -  Mother of The Bride  -  Working Wardrobe  -  Summer Dresses  -  Winter Coats

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